Post-Katrina Explorations: Shopping Center
I used to go to the comic book store in this shopping center in New Orleans East years ago.  It was run by a nice old married couple for years and years until the husband started getting ill (although he had a stroke years earlier and pretty much just watched tv all day while his wife ran the place).  After that she had someone else take it over although they still owned it.  It was a great little place that had new stuff, back issues, and (most importantly to me) thousands of 4/$1 comics.  We used to go there and load up on all sorts of comics every time we were in town.

Here's (the remains of) the sign for the comic book store. 

The parking lot had a fair number of these stupid Spanish tiles shattered all over.  They ought to be registered as deadly weapons during hurricane season.

This is a shot through the window of the comic shop. 

The water line reached almost the top of the comics in the rack, which is why are all frayed.

This is a view toward the back of the store.  All the way in the back were shelves of comics right on up to the ceiling.  It was probably all ruined as well.

In front of the place I found a hardcover copy of a Marvel Masterworks reprinting the earliest issues of Thor.  It had floated through the cracks in the wall (you'll see more of these in a moment). 

I brought the book home to read, but had to throw it away.  Even after sitting in the parking lot for months, it smelled like sour milk.

Here's a view down one length of the shopping center.

The debris in front consists mainly of shoes...

...from this shoe store.  Good luck finding a matching pair in the mess.

Here's another section of the store.

Quick SAT-style analogy:

Shoes are to Sex and the City what this shoe store is to _____________.

Inside the nail salon next door to the show store.

A view of the rest of the place.

I think you would probably get an infected cuticle if you went here now.

And here's yet another section.

You can see the sediment on the glass shelves.

This pack of fake nails came through the hole in the wall in front of me.  I have no idea how they didn't float away.

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