NO Shopping Center, Part III

Continuing where we left off...
Let's take about thirty seconds here to get all the lesbian humor that this opportunity affords us out of our system.   Okay, a minute and a half.


Let's go inside.

"Yes, I'd like to reserve the entire place.  That's right.  Under the name 'Katrina.'  For how long?  How about FOREVER!!!"

The waiter ignored us, and the busboy never even came out of the kitchen.

Utility corridors (sans utilities)?  There were passages like this all throughout sections of this shopping center.

I think this was used as a chapel.  No, seriously.

Shine a little light.  (A very little.)

See?  It was a freakin' maze, man.  Fer real.

The set of that "We Don't Need No Education" video from The Wall.

Irony?  It's everywhere if you're watching for it.

Dammit!  This is actually a pretty good amp.  Er, was a good amp.

Inside was a huge room that served as another church.  I'm betting they weren't praying for rain.

Missing persons convention.

There was also a bongo (I've never seen that singular before), but no guitars anywhere.  Man, that would have been my dream to find one and fix it up.

What did I tell you?  Katrina hates keyboards!

Alexplored 12/21/07.
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