NO Shopping Center, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
What's inside store #3?

Not much.

It's strange that only a few ceiling tiles are knocked out here...

...but a bunch are on the other side of the room.

Time to go to Rite Aid.  This is a chain that took over from the local K&B drugstores.   A lot of them had their signs up in arches like this.  The original K&Bs had their logo in a horizontal oval that fit snugly into this spot.  As a result, you could always tell which were original K&B stores.

Fun fact: Everyone who grew up in New Orleans will still know exactly what you mean if you describe a color as "K&B purple" even though Rite Aid sold off or painted over everything that was originally that color.

The inside of the place has been almost completely cleaned out...

...including the safes...

...and the cash register drawers (which were presumably in the safes).

These were literally about the only things in the place.

Even without a demolition crew, the place is already on its way down.

These were still hanging everywhere, which is ironic considering they were probably the only things in the store you could find that weren't damaged by Katrina.

Oh, did I mention anything about the boat yet?  Yeah, well, there was a boat.

There's a story here, but I don't have enough imagination to tell it.  Go ahead.  You try.  The fan fiction offer is still valid.

Next I went in here.

Note the search and rescue crew paint out front.

Well, I think we can salvage the fan at least.

Actually, the hallway was probably always filled with debris.

Note the water lines on the right.  It's too faint to see at this resolution, but the highest one goes up to the bottom of the poster.

I don't know what it means that there's more than one water line nor the fact that they are of different intensities.  If anyone knows, please clue me in.

Most likely a hole created by the S&R crew.  I found several of these throughout.  This wasn't just a strip mall; the place doubled back on itself and was relatively labyrinthine in the middle.  You couldn't just window-shop for survivors, so cutting through was a reasonable approach.

Katrina hates keyboards of all kinds.

Dead cat* on the pavement out front.  Not a Katrina casualty unless cats decompose very, very, very slowly... which is possible I suppose, being spawn of Satan and all.

*Good cat, technically.

Nature takes over, part two.

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