NO Shopping Center
This was another serendipitous find.  Dani and I had just arrived in New Orleans and were on our way to explore the 9th Ward before ending our trip at my folks' place, but we spotted this deceptively huge shopping center on the way.  If ever there was time for a detour...

I think this was a beauty parlor.  The irony is palpable given its present condition.



Looks like somebody needs to visit the Container Store!

They'll honor these prices so long as you don't mind getting tetanus from the equipment.

The tvs flat on their face like this was a common sight around here.  The cause: The storm surge lifted anything buoyant, then dropped it wherever it happened to be when the waters receded (or were pumped out, depending on the location).  In this case, the screen is the most-dense side, so it pointed downward.

The stories told in this chair can't compete with what retired it.

What's that on this barber's chair?

Why, railroad spikes!  Of course!

Seriously, if you guys start writing fan fiction about things like this, I'll post it on here.  Really.

Box of records albums.  It would likely have been impossible to pry them apart enough to see which recordings these were.  Of note is local favorite Dr. John's album poking out from the rest.

Next door was the dance costume place.

Nothing much to dance about here though.

See the rack in the back (left)?  No sale, but those outfits are half-off.  Get it?

Toys on the floor.

The ceiling tiles must have fallen down out of here when the flood waters were still present, judging by the cotton candy display on the wall (and most everywhere else).

Check out the rust even on the clothes racks (and the hanger clips too for that matter).

I don't know if the water actually got this high.  More likely, the moisture in here got to the tiles.  Also, I'm sure there was roof damage that caused leaks throughout many of these stores.

There's mold right on up to the second shelf, so that's probably as high as the water got.

Again, check the wall at the back.  Same line.

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