The Museum of Destruction, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
With the cats out of the way, we had time to explore the museum... although there wasn't anything left by way of actual exhibits.

Ticket booth.

Kat couldn't help but answer the phone since that's what she does about a gazillion times a day at work.

No joke.  A rubber chicken (on the right).

One of the file cabinets confirmed the place was formerly a museum, although it wasn't clear what it exhibited.

The date on the newspaper: 8/26/05.

It looked like someone was after the copper pipes.  Of course, they stopped which probably means one thing: They didn't use copper pipes in this place.

Interestingly, they had time to work up this display about hurricanes Camille and Katrina.  At least I assume this was made before the first floor was all but wiped out.

Someone else picked this up, not us.  Note the break in the dust.

In case you missed the rubber chicken in the previous shot (not the same one as from the office).  Note also the cat footprints.

Looking down to the first floor.  That's apparently the mast and sail of a boat... I think.  More about that in a sec.

The elevator shaft.

Kat found a closet full of xmas decorations just a few days too late.

Most of the windows were covered over with a tarp like this.  That they had these on hand says everyone knew this day was coming.

The sextant lamp was neat, and probably a great conversation piece.

Back down the stairs.  Note the mold spots.

Downstairs elevator.

Here's the boat I promised you Lost fans (all three of you masochists that still bother to watch that teasefest).

A look back up at the balcony where Evita was supposed to make an appearance.

BTW, there's no glass in most of the pane in that window.

Alexplored 12/27/07.  Some pics by Katherine.
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