The Museum of Destruction
I walked right by this place last time I was in town, about a year earlier, but I never photographed the inside.  Actually, I never tried to get inside since I was in a rush to photograph whatever I could before it got dark.

We stopped right near here because, hey, opportunities like this don't come along every day.  Unfortunately, it was a sewer, so I didn't even pop the cover the rest of the way to get a decent look inside.  The smell was all I really needed to know.

Remember that church I took a look at last time?

This is all that's left of it.

Well, that and the slab.

Again I have to ask, why isn't a so-called "act of God" destroying a church an indication that he doesn't exist?  Or at the very least that he doesn't give a fuck?  Think about it.

Blown here by the storm or found art?  You decide.

Your standard Katrina markings.

Like I said, the door (and window) was wide open.

Inside were loads of life preservers.  Why they're on the first floor is a mystery, though obviously they were left here after Katrina.  For future reference, the second floor is a better choice for storing anything that floats since odds are the water will arrive before those trapped in it.  Shouldn't these be waiting upstairs on dry ground rather than floating away?

The first floor was pretty much gutted right on up to the ceiling, which tells you a bit about how bad the mold problem was (or was expected to be).

The doors were off the hinges, but Kat noticed the key was still in the lock.

Minimalist bathrooms may dispense with privacy, but they almost certainly facilitate conversation.

Downstairs was boring (except perhaps if you wanted to get some blue lights and make a Hellraiser fan film), but it's interesting how they stopped the renovation halfway up the stairs.

Upstairs was in much better shape.  (You're welcome for the ass shot, btw.)

This kitten saw us and freaked out (or had kittens, you might say), then scrambled back to the little room behind it...

...where it and three or four more of its satanic brethren were conspiring to suck the breath out of a human baby.

Naturally, they scrambled the hell out of there as soon as they heard us since there's nothing cats hate more than humans (except songbirds and baby squirrels).

Seriously, what can you poison cats with?  I'm pretty sure holy water won't work, and I'm not dealing with anti-freeze.

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