Breakin' the Law Office
I photographed this place last time I was in Mississippi as well, only I never made it inside.  At the time I was rushing around close to dark trying to see as much as I could photograph.  This time we walked right in through the path Katrina cut for us through the windows.

Here's the exterior from the side facing the beach.  The place is actually a little ways inland, but it managed to get hit pretty hard (or maybe they were in the process of demolishing it and we couldn't tell the difference).  It looks like it's missing the third floor, but we never even made it to the second.

Debris from sections of the building that were knocked down by a demolition crew and/or Katrina.

It turned out this was a law office, though this was the only book that remained.  Actually, there are only two in the whole state.  The other one is the New Testament, and it's been thumped even more than Katrina did this one.

Katherine used this as her main pic on MySpace.  True story.  We're supposed to think she's cool now.  Okay, she is.

That's the water line.  Like you needed me to tell you that.

Katherine and safety go hand in hand.  Unless she's hanging out with me.  Then she's a candidate for tetanus.

When you get to the back of the building (from where we entered), you get to the front of the building.  They only put "no trespassing" signs on this side, so by the time we got this far it was already too late.

Some see only destruction here.  I'm seeing a decorating trend in its infancy.

A Polaroid of a piece of furniture.  I'm surprised to find the Polaroid survived.  I'd be even more surprised if the furniture did if it was around here.

All the water here by the beach, and none in the tank to flush with.

A PSA: Up and down, side to side, or your gums will look like this cabinet.

The roof collapsed... we couldn't get in this room where all the good junk was.

Alexplored 12/27/07.  Some pics by Katherine.
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