Along the Beach
Here are some misc. sights and leftovers from my trip with Katherine along the beach in Mississippi.  We only took pictures of what was still standing.  What's even more impressive is how much is actually gone.  There are many vacant lots without even debris remaining where homes that survived even Hurricane Camille back in 1969 once stood.

This is almost a block back from the beach, but the windows were all blown out just the same.  The first floor is boarded up, and probably saw three or feet of water, based on what I saw in other buildings nearby.

A hotel that was similarly a bit inland.  It's being renovated right now, so it's impossible to say anymore what kind of damage it saw.  It was already gutted, so we didn't even try to go inside...

...which probably wouldn't have been all that hard with Katrina's penchant for not leaving any glass between her and indoors.

Another decent site fenced off.  We found a lot of this...

...and this.  It's what's left of the back half of the place pictured above.  So much was torn down already, there was little left to explore along the beach.

The garage of a residence we passed.  It doesn't look like anyone's been in there since Katrina.  This is also about a block or two inland.  Depending on where you were on the Gulf Coast, that didn't necessarily afford protection.  My aunt lived about half a mile inland, and I heard estimates of several feet of mud that were deposited in her place.  She's never been back.  Two years later, her grandson still lives in a trailer outside the home.

The end of the mall closest to the beach.  This was the one portion of it that wasn't yet open when I stopped by here last year.  They're working on it now, finally.

Across from the mall is this shopping center.  Again, this is the end closest the beach, so it was hit hardest.  A gradient of destruction started here and worked it's way along... (farther from the beach), all the way to...

...back here where there was flooding, but not much storm damage.  All the businesses are new, however.  Everyone took a bath (no pun intended).  I don't think a single business in here now was here before the storm and vice versa.  I miss the movie theater.

Just beyond the shopping center, this used to be a Toys R Us before Katrina.  Afterward they put in a Books-a-Million, not realizing that people in Mississippi don't read books.  It's a furniture store now.

(Don't worry, none of them will read this either.  They can't.)

Most of the lots across from the beach are completely bare now (or just have a concrete slab).  This is one of the exceptions we photographed: It's gutted, but the structure itself is still standing.

Would you believe she's Canadian?  Actually, it was pretty cold out here.

The intent was to show a section of the boardwalk ripped up by the storm, although this is a poor example (and we were too cold and lazy to walk down to a better spot).

I'm amazed that they have not repaired ANY of this yet, considering one would think they'd like to get the tourist dollars to start coming back in (and the casinos can take care of themselves).  However, I have also heard that there is so much debris that the beaches are considered too dangerous to swim or play around.  There were no signs posted to indicate that to the public, but it makes sense considering the retreating storm surge sucked the contents of everyone's homes and business into the Gulf.

Here's one of the broken boards.  Many like this were an inch thick with 1/4" bolts, and Katrina tore through them anyway.

Look, sir.  Droids.

Artsy picture time.  Okay, back to the show.

This is a better shot than the one that is even more crooked and didn't have the flash, but it's still terrible planning.  We were trying to show...

...the palm trees making out behind us.

This is a fake island near where one of the casinos once stood (I can't remember the name; it was the one that looked like a boat).

Used to be you could walk out to the island from the piers, but the planks and even the runners are all gone now.

Unfortunately, the security guard ran us off before we could get more shots.

Kat spotted these trees still further out.  They could've had a V-8!

Another place in the middle of being de/re-constructed.

Alexplored 12/27/07.  Some pics by Katherine.
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