The Mall and Shopping Center
Okay, this was never a great mall or shopping center to begin with, but I worried that it might have all been wiped out.

Granted, this is 16 months after the storm, so I don't know exactly what the extent of the damage was at its peak.  The only thing closed was the Dillards at one end...

...and the rest of it was open. I did a quick tour through the place, and it looked fine.  Whether it weathered the hurricane or this was the result of extensive repairs, I don't know.

The shopping center across the street from the mall didn't fare nearly as well.  The end closest to the beach was heavily under construction...

...while the opposite end was completely open for business... with entirely new businesses!

I suspect that the entire strip mall was damaged severely enough that the existing businesses were forced to relocate and were replaced as their sections were renovated.

Alexplored 12/27/06, sixteen months after Hurricane Katrina.
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