Downtown Mississippi
A little further from the beach a lot of the town seemed to have survived, but there were a lot of buildings that were damaged pretty severely from strong winds and/or the storm surge.

I think the Gulf of Mexico wanted a clearer view by people who would think about building in its path.

Get this: Acts of God destroy churches.

You do the math. 

It would seem that one or both of those variables would cancel the whole equation out of existence.

A look inside at what the inside of a church should be ideally: Empty.

This place got hit from top to bottom...


And here's the mess at the bottom.

This place right next to the big one (and visible a couple pictures above) really got ripped.

This place could use a makeover.  Ironically, they sold cosmetics.

I think this was a hotel?  No idea.

Here's a side view.

Alexplored 12/27/06, sixteen months after Hurricane Katrina.
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