NO East Mall
This is probably the first mall I ever went to since we lived near here until I was about four years old.  Katrina doused this entire area with a storm surge of at least three or four feet, effectively destroying almost everything in the mall.  At this point it was almost completely demolished with plans for a replacement shopping center to follow shortly.

Everything to the left of the big building (extending past the edge of the frame even) used to be the mall.  Much like when I made it to Belle Promenade, this one endcap store is all that remained.

The not all piles in the background are debris.  The farthest in the distance are fill for the successor establishment, another mall or shopping center (I didn't get a very good look at the billboard).

The construction crews weren't active at the time we got there (it was only a couple days before xmas, after all), but we didn't get very far into the site before someone in the crew trailer nearby spotted us and ran us off.

Hulk smash!  Since they took the walls down, we actually had enough light to see by inside, even though the sun was setting already.

The whole first floor had been long-since gutted. 

Ironically, even though the demolition opened up the sides, the main entrances are still sealed shut with piles of dirt put in place more than a year earlier specifically for that purpose.  (No, I didn't get a shot, sadly.)

Deeper inside the store there was an almost untouched storage room (middle of frame).  The walls were gone, but the contents remained.  More about that in a sec.

Here's the loading dock.  I don't know if the bottom of this has been dry a single day since Katrina doused the whole neighborhood.  The water was at least three feet deep that I could see.

More of said loading dock.

in the background you can see some of the piles of fill I mentioned.

Back to the storage room, these are the stairs leading up to it.

In the distance, however, there are a couple escalators that I never made it to before we got run out of the place.

Upstairs.  It amazes me that bulldozers probably pushed literally tons of debris and destroyed merchandise out of here, but the fluorescent bulbs remained untouched.

Last shot before we got shooed off the lot.

Alexplored 12/23/07.
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