New Orleans East Mall
The New Orleans East mall.  I used to come here as a kid.  Only the demotion crew does now.

This is a view up one of the main entrances.  Doesn't look so bad from here, right?

There are gaping holes in the wall of the section in the distance.  Additionally, the storm surge from the lake put the whole building (and its contents) in upwards of three feet of water).

I would loved to have passed through here last time I was in town (six months after Katrina instead of sixteen months later when this was taken), if only there had been time and accessibility.  I don't know that we had the latter, but the former was always in short supply.

The surrounding parking lots are (for the most part) blocked off with piles of concrete, most likely from the damaged and partially demolished mall itself.

The demolition continues slowly.  Not much appeared to have been leveled since the last time we passed through the area, although there were some spots where you could see into the mall that gave the term "storewide clearance" a whole new meaning.

Alexplored 12/23/06, sixteen months after Hurricane Katrina.
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