Post-Katrina Explorations: Lakewood, another section, cont'd
Continuing where we left off...

Entire wardrobes were lost along with all the other belongings. 

And you just know these are things you are NOT going to want to put on you again.

A Bose stereo after testing the sound quality submerged just below the water line for a few weeks.

The rust on the table was te result of the salt content in the brackish water.

There were post-hurricane foot tracks make through here when things were still wet (possibly submerged even).

The calendar is still stuck in August from when the hurricane hit (on the 29th).

Like the wooden furniture, refrigerators were also prone to being lifted and toppled by the water (or possibly professional westlers.  Investigations are pending).

This is something else that we saw on a semi-regular basis: Boats in the street!

There were several of these along this barrier wall blocking the interstate.  Same thing in other parts of town. 

Everyone and their brother owns a boat in Louisiana, so I'm not sure whether they were deposited there by people or if they were carried over fences (where the water was) and out of yards by the storm.

A few houses were in the process of being almost completely dismantled. 

I'm not sure it they were planning to save any part of this house.

This was a typical view down a typical street in this neighborhood.  Nobody nowhere.

It's like the southern version of Charlton Heston in The Omega Man.

Alexplored 3/14/06, approx. six and a half months after Hurricane Katrina.
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