Post-Katrina Explorations: Lakewood, another section
After we exited the section of Lakewood subdivision we did before this, we headed down the street to check out another, older (and less affluent) area.

This house was already gutted, but of note was...

...this sign out front which gave instructions for the exact placement of a FEMA trailer.

I certainly hope these weren't provided by the homeowner.  I seem to recall an expression about how beggars can't be chosers.

This was a particularly badly damaged car.  A lot of cars had their trunks open, which Dani interpreted as having been done by looters.

Note also the roof on the house to the left.

This shotgun house (two residences, side by side) was wide open and hadn't been gutted yet, unlike most of the other houses in the area, so I headed over to it. 

That's a respirator mask on the railing.

This is the view through the front door.

The stuff on the walls is mold, not really tasteless wallpaper.

A lot of the wood furniture in areas like this ended up toppled over after it floated up.

In case you didn't spot it, that's the first & second seasons of Seinfeld on dvd.

There's no telling how many portraits were ruined in the flood.

Worse yet, entire albums were ruined.  Every page looked of this album looked like it was done by Van Gogh on a bad day.

I don't know if this album had been pulled out and placed on the couch after Katrina or if this family took a last look through it just before they evacuated.

More of the mess.

Considering how many people she screwed, it should come as no surprise that Katrina is really wild in the sack.

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