Post-Katrina Explorations: Lakewood
This was the first severely hit area we explored.  Lakewood subdivision is on the far western edge of Orleans Parish, right up against Metarie and just south of Lake Pontchartrain (maybe two or three miles north of here).

There was a lot of (re)construction going on in here and a lot of traffic, so we didn't wander into any houses like I would have liked because we didn't want to be mistaken for looters.  My cousin and his family lived in this subdivision prior to the hurricane.  Presently they have a one year lease elsewhere.  They don't expect to return.  They are planning to fix up their old place and either rent it out or sell it outright.

I think this was still part of Veterans Hwy. near Fleur de Lis. (I hadn't been on this stretch before; we just wandered this way.)  This stretch of the road is out in front of subdivision.

Although most are too far away to be seen at this resolution, there were scores of signs advertising all sorts of construction, sheetrock removal, mold removal, etc.

You can see water lines on the back of the metal sign near the tree on the median (or "neutral ground" as we say in New Orleans).

Check out the water line on the columns.

As you can see, this house is completely gutted.  I didn't take a thorough survey, but it looked as though roughly half the houses in this area had been cleared already.

There were signs like this in several places.

Feel free to scoff at the blind optimism.  It's a healthy sign of common sense that is apparently lacking in some of the residents.

The hole in this roof was obviously cut by a rescue crew, not from wind damage. 

Presumably this was made when the water was higher than the first floor.

A zoom in here on this same house shows what the first floor looked like.

Naturally, the houses weren't the only things to experience wind damage.

That's a FEMA trailer off to the left.  You will see quite a few of these in the post-Katrina galleries.

Really, this wasn't Katrina.  I was just showing off.

There were quite a few abandoned cars in this area as well.

Here's what was posted under its windshield.

Throughout the city, many other cars had similar fliers and even stickers affixed to them.

Originally I thought this was a cell phone tower. Part of the reason why cell phone service was disrupted was that, in addition to power outages, several relay towers were downed by the storm.

Since then, my friend Jason who lives in the area pointed out that this used to be the State Police station.

This was posted on the door of a church: "All Services Canceled Due to Hurricane."

I can think of about a million witty captions for this photo, but, seriously, if you can't just acknowledge here and now that this is irrefutable evidence there is no god, then you're probably just the type of person New Orleans realtors are looking for right about now.

Alexplored 3/14/06, approx. six and a half months after Hurricane Katrina.
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