Miscellaneous Post-Katrina Sights
Here are some left-over sights from around New Orleans and the surrounding areas that I didn't want to shoehorn into other galleries.

One wonders how much bigger you could make an invitation to a lawsuit.

I have no idea why this sign at a New Orleans East shopping center hasn't fallen on a future Darwin Award recipient.

A common sight around town.  It is at least a sign of progress that this tree was cut down and not jutting into the next yard in this New Orleans East neighborhood.

Too big to tow away?  Most of the cars left in the storm surge in this part of New Orleans East had been removed by now.

If you saw some of the galleries from last March (six months after Katrina), you might remember the giant fallen billboard in this spot in New Orleans East.  It's gone now, paradoxically advertising progress in its very absence.

However, there's no way to get these blocks of concrete out of the ground.   The steering wheel is still in the hole.

On the West Bank (i.e., the other side of the Mississippi river, not the Middle East), I grew up in this neighborhood.  We didn't make it out this way to see what kind of damage there was last time we visited New Orleans.

My old house had some damage to its garage door, but that could have been due to a domestic squabble for all I know.

I didn't see a lot of damage, but a couple of my old neighbors across the street had FEMA trailers out front. 

This is still what's left of the mall.  Why were they in such a hurry to tear down some of it and leave this bit standing?

(West Bank.  A gallery of an earlier expedition into the mall can be found here.)

Alexplored 12/23-26/06, sixteen months after Hurricane Katrina.
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