Post-Katrina Explorations: House
In Slidell on the north shore of the lake, there was a lot of wind damage.  This is in a different part of the same subdivision where my Uncle Ray and Aunt Margaret live.  They experienced flooding (we'll get to their house in another gallery).  I couldn't tell if this house did as well, but the wind certainly did a number on it.

The front yard looks a mess, but the real damage isn't as visible from this side.

Go around back and you'll see why insurance premiums are getting nosebleeds.


And then there's the bonus round.

Of course, you know the likelihood of another tree hitting this house anytime in the next 100 years is approximately three thousand, seven hundred and twenty to one.

And if you've ever seen The World According to Garp, you probably have that line in your head where says, "Honey, come on...  It's pre-disastered!"

This is the rest of the back yard.

The whole area is rife with pine trees, and unfortunately they are easy pickings for a hurricane.  Everywhere we went there were scenes like this: Trees knocked every which way.

If you look up right here, you can see how these were snapped right off. 

Alexplored 3/15/06, approx. six and a half months after Hurricane Katrina.
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