My Dad's Old House
This house on the West Bank of New Orleans was where my dad and many of his siblings grew up and where their parents lived between the 1920s and the early 1970s.  Although the West Bank was spared compared to much of the surrounding area, it did receive its share of damage.

The house itself didn't look like it was in rough shape...

...but the tree in the back yard didn't having a great time during the storm.

My dad's brother planted this tree and another like it (shown below) back in the 1940s.

The other tree is the one on the left at the edge of the slab.  Unfortunately, it was broken at the top.  Another tree in the distance doesn't look to be in great shape either.

The blue tarp came from the roof.  Hopefully this means it was repaired.  No one is living there at the moment, however, at least as far as I could tell.

The slab was from a garage, although there's no telling if Katrina got to it or what/when.

Here's what the tree was aiming for: The shed.

And another view, this time showing how the shed was slanted.

Here's a look at the inside wall of the shed.  Note how dyslexic the tool templates are now.

The front porch seems okay, but these posts (all three of them) aren't original.

I don't know who owns "Perma Post," but they must be millionaires after Katrina.

Just had to throw this in: A sign from a street corner near the end of the block that calls the place "Baby Harlem."

Alexplored 12/23/06, sixteen months after Hurricane Katrina.
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