A Smash-up Job
Katrina smashed up lots of houses around this one tight little area.  Here's a look at another of them.

A smaller house...

...with a tv on the roof.  Along with everything else.

This was probably pretty nice furniture once upon a time.

This looks like a tray of brownies.  The mud is layered onto this board more than an inch thick, which is likely why it fell...

...out of the ceiling here.

You can see still more mud all around the exposed horizontal sections.

At first I honestly thought these were photos of abstract paintings.  In reality, they were water damaged beyond all recognition in most cases, though a few survived inexplicably.

Very feng shui.

By comparison, I guess your place doesn't look so bad now, doesn't it?

Alexplored 12/26/06, sixteen months after Hurricane Katrina.
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