Post-Katrina Explorations: The Lowest 9th Ward, cont'd
Continuing where we left off...

Another house pushed off the slab.  I guess this is what they were saying about the storm driving neighbors closer together.

Recall the story of the Three Little Pigs and contrast the crooked wooden houses we've seen with this brick one.  Not that it looked much better inside than any of the rest.

As we headed toward the canal, we started to see (believe it or not) even more profound destruction.

Where there previously was damage from standing water, there were now things smashed to bits from the force of a strong current. Things this car.  And dozens more like it.

The cars inside were saved from being tossed around, but the water did knock out many of the bricks along the wall here.

Another example of Katrina driving drunk.

Good thing the water pushed the house of the way before she tossed this truck into the driveway.  Then again, I'm not sure where the house is.

That's a car resting against a house that was pushed into the middle of the street.

That's just a big cocktail of F'ed-upness for you.

Here is the site of one of two levee breaks along here. 

Actually, Hurricane Rita went and overflowed this area again just a few weeks later before they were hardly even started on the repairs here.

Here's a closer look at this stretch of the barrier.  Feel free to scoff at the futility of this effort.

Alexplored 3/17/06, approx. six and a half months after Hurricane Katrina.
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