Off Their Foundations
Since so many houses in the Ninth Ward were pier and beam, the majority of the damage was from the force of the water from the two Industrial Canal breaks pushing them off their foundations.  In some cases, this could result in them being pushed literally down the street.  The two houses featured in this gallery were relatively minor compared to so many that have since been torn down.  In fact, this could be why they're still standing after all this time.

The front steps are in the middle of the frame.

Here's a look through the front door (which is lying on the debris just inside).

Even the front porch is pushed off the supporting walls.

This was taken standing on the front porch, but I'm looking at the side of the house.  There are no straight lines to be found anywhere.

Across the street from the one above was this house.

Upon looking into the front room, my first instinct was to yell, "Bad dog!"

This is a look around the corner to the side of the house.  It is off its supports and is twisted along its length.

Alexplored 12/26/06, sixteen months after Hurricane Katrina.
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