By the Canal
Closer to the Industrial Canal things get (even) more surreal.

The house wasn't even on the property anymore.  This was a pair of garages... of which didn't even have a roof anymore.

Another view. 

This is one of the few cars left in the area.  On our last visit here (ten months ago; six months after Katrina), there were many more cars that were totaled due to the flood and/or being smashed by the force of the water.  Those have mostly been removed.

Given its proximity to the canal, I'm surprised this place is still standing.  So many others were literally blasted off their foundations.

On the porch upstairs are some things salvaged from the house.  They sit on top of mud deposited by the flood.

At the base of the supports out front are a couple of antique-looking statues, similarly caked with mud.

Most of this area looked like this even immediately after the retaining wall around the canal broke (the levee never actually broke; just the wall atop it).

I can't tell if the water did this or if these houses were removed.

This is a shot taken a bit farther back.  That's the new (concrete) retaining wall on the left.  Another draw bridge over the canal can be seen in the distance. 

All these telephone poles are new.  The old ones were leaning way over (or in a few cases were completely toppled) the last time we were here.

Alexplored 12/26/06, sixteen months after Hurricane Katrina.
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