Yet another Ninth Ward house
Here's another house Katrina had it in for.

No one has even bothered to clear the debris from the car.  I guess they're hoping the scrap yard pays by the pound and won't notice.

A look in through the front door.

A closer look at a couch on top of a bike on top of a layer of mud a couple inches thick on top of the floor of a house built below sea level.

The harp in the foreground still sounded good, but the strings that were left still intact were out of tune.  (You know I can't walk past a musical instrument without touching it.)

Katrina just put things wherever she liked.  No one was around to complain, after all.

That's the front door leaning against the wall.

Even Jesus is like, "Holy shit, man!  That levee doesn't look like it's going to hold!"

Some more of the mess.

I guess it's appropriate this is more like a blender than a fan considering the place was in more of a liquid than gaseous state for as long as it was.

Even I've never been to a party this wild.

Alexplored 12/26/06, sixteen months after Hurricane Katrina.
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