Another Ninth Ward Home
Here's another house in the Ninth.  Because it was brick, it wasn't shoved off its foundation like the majority of the homes that were pier and beam models.  However, saying it "survived" is a bit of a stretch as we'll see...

The front yard is filled with debris from inside... is the curb in front of the house...

...and the driveway, which is covered with belongings that were deemed salvageable.  They'll probably want to wash those plates though... assuming the owners ever return.

The place looks gutted.  Here's the first floor as you enter from the carport.

And here's some more.

I was ready to leave the place, but I decided to have a look upstairs.

Yes, that's the waterline.  And, yes, this is upstairs.

A look around shows how the water tossed the furniture and smaller belongings about.

This could very well be the opening shot of the greatest laundry detergent commercial never filmed.

The bathroom is really going to need some of those scrubbing bubbles as well.

Another bedroom.

And more of a look around.

Out of the window, you can see the view has changed.  There is nothing left of the neighbors in several directions other than front steps.

Alexplored 12/26/06, sixteen months after Hurricane Katrina.
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