Back to the 9th Ward, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

Typical sight.  There's no telling if Katrina carried this home away or if it was demolished.

I'm guessing the latter, however, since it looks like some things were salvaged and left for the owners should they wish to return.

Again, this looks like a house in the middle of a rural area.  Not so.

Rust is pretty much everywhere.  Fire hydrants, bus stop benches, etc.  These were designed to hold up in rain, not to be submerged.

The inside the place had been gutted, but..., too, whoever cleared the home out tried to set aside as many valuables as possible.

That isn't a whole lot, but it's what folks were left with.

On the other side of the doorway were these records (45s, mostly).  I can't imagine they'd be playable without extensive work.

Here's another house I can't believe is still standing.  Well, not that it is, technically.  This likely isn't even on the lot it started on.

Here's a look through what used to be the front door.  In was impossible to move about inside, so I didn't go any farther.

The house is gone, but the bent stop sign and ironwork on the front porch are telling of what happened here.

I can't tell if this is demolition in progress or what.

A brief history of a house.

The spray paint is a description of an attempt to rescue pets.  Next there's the For Sale sign placed by the owner.  However, apparently someone broke the windows in the front, so those were covered over.

For all the destruction I feature on these pages, there are a handful of spots like this that show the area is coming back, ever so slowly.  They don't have a lot of problems with neighbors though because they are literally few and far between.

I'll keep you posted the progress as it continues.

Alexplored 12/21/07.
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