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There are loads of texts that deal directly and indirectly with urban exploration in one form or another.  I won't provide descriptions of the works below since I have not completely read any of these.  Instead, check out the links to their respective pages on Amazon.com.

Invisible Frontier: Exploring the Tunnels, Ruins, and Rooftops of Hidden New York by L.B. Deyo and David Leibowitz

Underworld: Sites of Concealment by Peter Seidel, Manfred Sach, and Klaus Kemp

New York Underground: The Anatomy of a City by Julia Solis.  See also the book's site .

Invisible New York: The Hidden Infrastructure of the City (Creating the North American Landscape) by Stanley Greenberg and Thomas H. Garver

The Mole People: Life in the Tunnels Beneath New York City by Jennifer Toth

Underneath New York by Harry Granick

Infiltration - The 'Zine from the guys at infiltration.org.  Back issues are available

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