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Creators know that urban exploring is a great element to energize a movie or computer game.  Designers have made abundant use of drains, sewers, subway tunnels, and various abandonments as well.  Although I haven't been much of a gamer for a long time, more than a few titles come to mind.  Below some places where interesting locales (mainly drains) have been featured in games.

The Doom series - The first two games were classics (in full disclosure, I still play them occasionally!) and are rich in drains, utility tunnels, and abandoned buildings, particularly in many of the custom levels designed by gamers and available on-line. (The link goes to the "collector's edition" that comes with both original games, Ultimate Doom, and lots more!)

Doom3 - I haven't had a chance to try it out, but I would guess it's more of the same, just slicker.

Quake - Like Doom only better (well, until Doom3 hit the shelves).

Dark Forces - This whole series of Star Wars games allows players to wander through lower levels of other-worldly cities, including drainage and ventilation systems, rooftops, etc.  Lots of cool stuff. 

Dark Forces: Jedi Knight - More of the same, but much better graphics.

Jedi Knight II - I haven't played it, but the pics on the box looked cool.

Pod Racer - This spin-off from The Phantom Menace has you speeding through a variety of locations including some industrial complexes and tunnels.  Not a whole lot in the way of urban exploration, but it's kind of fun anyway if you're a speed freak (Guilty!). 

The Descent series - These feature a different approach: Using a small spacecraft to navigate utility tunnels and mines inside of moons and asteroids.  Be prepared for motion sickness. 

Also, many of the WWII first-person shooters feature ruined towns, the insides of dams, and other urban structures.  Just watch out you aren't caught by the Nazis!

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