SLU tunnel number one, Part II
Continuing where we left off....

Here's a pleasant surprise: a new addition to the system!

And there's daylight at the other end....  Let's check it out.


The pipe ended in a hole in what was clearly a construction site.  I don't know what they're building here, but this portion still has a long way to go.  I'm basically standing in a hole perhaps 30 feet in diameter, yet there is (as yet) no other drainage system to connect to.  Quite a surprise given the size of this pipe.

This spot was midway between #2 and #3 on the map shown on the previous page.  This is basically on the side of the road opposite the campus right in front of the edge of a subdivision.  This is a fairly easy place to access the system in spite of the fact that it's out in open.

In fact, later on we actually used this as our exit on this visit when we finished due to changes further upstream that made easy escape much more difficult than giving Dani a boost and then hauling myself up afterward.  We did get a couple odd looks in the process, but no one stopped.

As you can see, this final third of the tunnel is an invitation to your local chiropractor's office.

The tunnel steps up at two points, and this is thankfully the last of these.

This is basically the end of the line, a short left turn (i.e., west) from the main tunnel.  The tunnel used to open out into a canal right here before it was covered over.  At this point, the former canal becomes a very narrow tunnel that wasn't worth our time.

In the opposite direction from the covered over canal at the end of the main tunnel is a small culvert....

...which opens out into a concrete canal.  Originally you could walk the length of this down to the next tunnel we explored on this expedition, but they since added a pedestrian tunnel to go beneath the road in order to connect to the more recent campus extensions.  Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to go on foot.  Further, a main road runs along the left in this image, so it is too out in the open to just jump the fence at the top of the canal... hence our escape through the aforementioned grate.

Alexplored 7/8/04.

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