Beneath Another Parking Lot
My old roommate and I also explored this tunnel many years ago in the same afternoon as we went beneath the Episcopal school.  This tunnel runs the length of the parking lot and buildings of the shopping center, then beneath a couple roadways, a lawn in front of a business, and then beneath four more lanes of traffic with a median in-between.  It's quite a stretch. 
Dani and I spent the day running a marathon series of tunnels.  This was the second one of them.

The larger end of this system is on the far side of the highway, pretty much obscured from view at this time of the year due to all the overgrowth.

It's fairly wide, but is not quite tall enough to stand up in.  And it was very, very hot and humid.

At this point the main tunnel was fed through two culverts, one of which was terminally choked by shopping carts and the debris caught in them.  Just behind Dani was an inset where the larger tunnel was narrower than where the two circular ones entered.  The result is that anything of any real size that passes through it hits that wall as it exits.  Brilliant design!

The culverts were much smaller, and exacerbated the backaches we were already developing.

I didn't realize how deep underground we were until I reached this spot.  This leads up to a curbside drain on one side of the main road.

Eventually we reached the shopping center on the far side of the road.  This series of drains is what first attracted my old roommate and I to this system.

We could have continued beneath the parking lot by going down a tunnel behind Dani and to her right, but we had scouted it out my car and found that the water was too deep in that culvert to do anything but get wet trying to pass through it.

GPS coordinates:
30.47310 N -90.08604 W

Instead we went though a smaller tunnel that branched off to the side (where I took the previous picture from).

We eventually exited off of the far corner of the parking lot.

GPS coordinates:
30.47419 N -90.08583 W

When we were back in the car and ready to leave the area, I decided to swing by the other exit that we had passed on so we could pick up the GPS coordinates (30.47418 N -90.08361 W).  As I pulled up to the curb at the edge of the shopping center lot behind the stores, a couple (maybe more?) teenage kids were playing in the ditch and climbing into the tunnel.  It's nice to know that the spirit of urban exploration continues to thrive in youngsters.
Alexplored 7/8/04.

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