Under another parking lot
Believe it or not, in all my explorations around Hammond, I never actually explored this tunnel.  The water was always so deep in this tunnel that it is difficult to make your way upstream without submerging your boots.  We certainly hadn't been in a drought this year either, so we faced similar troubles.  Fortunately, we managed to see most of the tunnel by tackling it from opposite ends.

You have to admit that this is a pretty inviting entrance. 

This section runs beneath a shopping center parking lot in front of an Albertson's grocery store.

This shopping cart is visible from the entrance of the tunnel, so I always thought the water was roughly as deep as a shopping cart is wide.  In reality, this cart is sunken into the sand, so the water is really only a few inches deep at this point.  However, it does get deeper not much further on.

The width does not diminish along the length in this section.

Unfortunately, it was getting too deep at this point, so we doubled back.

This is a shot into the canal leading up to the tunnel.  Note the shopping cart graveyard in the background.

This is the opposite end of the system, just across the street and a ways back.  Originally the system ended as a canal right at the side of the road, but this section was added on and the canal covered over.  That was years ago, yet the land remains undeveloped.

Still more shopping carts!

Looking back in the direction we came from, this is where the culverts meet up and the other tunnel starts....

And this is where said tunnel begins.

The water level definitely does get up there in this one as well.

Note that the tunnel turns in the background.  It zig zags a surprising number of times along its length.

And still more shopping carts!

This is as far as we made it. 

We didn't get a picture of him, but there was a gigantic turtle to give us a fright in this section.  We paused on a sandbar in this section that stood right next to a deep spot.  The turtle poked his huge head out of the water, and Dani screamed and grabbed me.  He ducked back under, and I am left wondering whether there was a shell to indicate that we didn't just see a snake.

I'm standing in a shallow spot, and the water is already pretty deep in this area.  We couldn't go much further without getting our socks wet... and we hadn't done the SLU tunnels at this point.

Alexplored 7/8/04.

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