Episocopal School Tunnel
Years ago (~1995), my old college roommate and I went through this relatively short tunnel system.  The tunnel went beneath the road, and we had no idea where it would come out.  It started out really large (6 ft or higher), but quickly narrowed into a pair of much smaller culverts.  It turned out that they went under a small Episcopal elementary school tucked away in the old part of town.  I don't know what we were doing out exploring on a weekday, but this elementary was in session at the time.

We went the length of the tunnel and found that it opened into a ditch along the side of a neighborhood park just behind the school.  The spot where we came out was right next to the playground.   We walked/crawled out of the small tunnel (which was only about 3' in diameter by this point, so it wasn't all that conspicuous), and heard all the kids right there at the playground fence behind us just gasping and whispering to one another, "Omigawd!  Where did they come from?!?"  They hadn't seen us go in, so they were freaking out like the Morlocks had arrived to eat them.  We just played it cool and acted like we didn't notice them, but it was hilarious!  We spent the rest of afternoon laughing about it.

Dani and I revisited those tunnels on our trip to Louisiana.  Let the nostalgia begin....

The upstream portion of the tunnel is behind me right here.  It is mostly obscured unless you know where to look.  I discovered it years ago with a friend who lived in the neighborhood.

Just above the tunnel is the road that runs in front of the Episcopal school.


The tunnel is pretty large from here at the entrance to the opposite side of the road.  The light in the distance is a drain grate in the parking lot of the school.

There were some branches and other debris crowding the entrance to the two smaller culverts in the distance.  I would imagine this is almost always the case.

It is pretty rare for any drainage system to go from "large enough to walk through" to "crouchable" as you head downstream, but this is Louisiana for you.

You really can't tell since I'm in the way, but up ahead the water started getting deeper as the tunnels angled downward.

I can't remember how deep it was when I went though here with my roommate, but I don't think we even had boots on.  Since we were already wet we just plowed ahead.  "In for a penny, in for a pound."

And here is where it all empties.  This drainage ditch runs along the back of the park to my left (your right).

Behind me is the school's playground.  The fence was no so overground when we exited this tunnel those many years ago, so we were in plain view for the kids to have a seizure over.  Unfortunately, school was out for summer on this trip, so we were not able to scar any impressionable young minds.

Alexplored 7/8/04.

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