Government St., Part I
I noticed this tunnel off of Government St. back when I was still living in Baton Rouge.  It is visible from the road although it is quite a ways from it.  Since my cousin Kurt lives in town and I was visiting him anyway, I roped him into this adventure with me.

That's my rental car parked above the chasm.  Kurt's boot is just visible on the right edge of the image, getting ready to climb down the metal rungs embedded in the sides of this canal.

I was in a bit of a rush to take this picture since we were out in the open of a residential area with a fair amount of traffic.

Kurt is over 6' tall, so you can see just how big this tunnel is (It's the record holder in my experience thus far).

All of the inputs were 3' concrete culverts, so there were no interesting detours.

Quick aside: Yes, you can wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt while standing in standing water a couple days after New Years.  That's Louisiana weather for you!

As cool as this tunnel started out, you can see the end just beyond me.  The whole thing was pretty short, compared to some of the adventures chronicled elsewhere on this site.

Both ends of this tunnel feed through into a concrete canal.  If I had brought a bike (and a change of clothes!) I might have made the effort to see where all this leads, but I have no idea.

We just went to the end of this tunnel, then doubled back and came back via the other side.

After this tunnel we hopped in the car and went less than a mile further down the street to another much more interesting tunnel covered in Part 2.

Alexplored 1/3/04.

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