Belle Promeanade Mall... Part 2
Continuing where we left off...

I'm not sure exactly what happened here, but we were fortunate to have the sun on the horizon and thus shining more or less directly into the building.

Here's a corner of the store.  The melting snow from the roof above was draining through the pipe I'm touching.

I never determined what this area was, but I get the impression it was either dressing rooms or something like wall furnishings. 

By contrast with the above, most of this floor had otherwise been cleared out, although there were a few side rooms (e.g., business offices, storage rooms, etc.).

Back down the treacherous escalators!  We're probably lucky to still have the use of all our limbs.

Aside from a few signs indicating "20% - 50% Off Everything In the Store!," these shopping bags were the last remnants of what this place was.

After we exited, we circled the building one last time and picked up a few shots of the other entrances, all of which were boarded up.

Here's another view of the side we entered from.  The loading docks are in the foreground, with the entrance we used (i.e., the only entrance) in the distance.

The sign reads: "The future home of Belle Promeanade Self Storage."

How the great have fallen (sigh).  The water behind the sign is pooled in what was likely the courtyard (and behind it the food court) of the mall.

Alexplored 12/26/04.
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