The Middle of Nowhere
On a solo road trip to visit my folks and do some research, I drove all night through Louisiana.  As the sun was coming up, I needed to pull over and take a nap.  At this point I was in the middle of nowhere, so I headed off the interstate down a non-descript road looking for a place to hole up for a bit.  I didn't find a good spot here, but I did find a neat abandonment worth checking out.

Dawn in the middle of nowhere.

Here's the house on the other side the street from this field.

Front door wide open...

...and welcoming.

The living room.  If you can call this "living."

Note the calendar... to March 2007.  Here it was a year and a half later, but that car's still a classic.

Lotsa junk in the next room.  I was too sleep-deprived to really take the time to dig through it for clues about the previous inhabitants.

I'll never understand how scenes like this arise.  They took some stuff, but not this stuff.  WTF?

It's certainly a spacious bathroom, but I've never seen this much exposed plumbing on anything short of a porn site.

Note the drying rack in the tub.  Apparently this doubled as the dishwasher.

Featured in the first and only issue of Rustic Minimalist.

So they took the shaving kit but not its contents?

A view of one of the bedrooms.

In lieu of a closet, they improvised a clothes line.

That much have been some swinging party!

Note the open back door at the right edge of the frame...

...Here's what was out of it.

Closeup: To the left...

...and to the right.

What isn't clear from this angle is that this is a mound sloping down from the foot of the back door to the bottom of the hill several feet below.

Plastic bag taped around what used to be a vent through the roof.  Now it's just a hole.

No self-respecting coke addict would be without a glass-top table like this, but one night things apparently took a turn for the shattered.

Alexplored 7/15/08.
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