The Rat Race, 2nd expedition

11/3/04: The gallery is posted, but here's the story.
We parked in front of Reunion Arena, and there wasn't a soul around.  I guess it helped that it was pretty cold that night and we didn't get down there until around midnight.  It was almost surreal to be in that part of Dallas and not see anyone anywhere.  Thankfully, this included the vagrants, because I really didn't want to run into any of them.  Since there was absolutely no one around, we were able to take our time in getting our gear together.  Unfortunately, we discovered that I didn't have the extra batteries in the urbex box.

We went ahead without them, but as soon as we got all the way into the tunnel, I tried to take the first picture and found out that the camera was almost dead (the cold likely contributed to this effect on the batteries since it slows their chemistry).  Naturally, we had to double back.  Brei stayed at the mouth of the tunnel with the bikes and I headed over to a nearby gas station.  Well, I bought a pack of batteries.  Note to anyone reading this: Never, ever buy Panasonic batteries.  This was all they had, and this brand absolutely sucks.  They simply do not produce the necessary current to run a digicam (they typically require 2000 mAh or more).  Consequently, the "new" batteries only reluctantly gave us an occasional flash.  As a result, we only took maybe ten pics total whereas this trip probably warranted thrice that.  (I only post the best pics, so I often end up with two or three times as many left over that are not on the site.)

The tunnel was incredibly long, maybe a couple miles and it stayed the same scale all the way through.  There were a couple places where it branched, but only one of these went any distance (maybe 1000 feet or less) before coming to a dead end with water was pouring straight down a shaft that was perhaps 4 or 5 ft in diameter.  The water made it pretty much impossible to look up at what was above because of microdroplets everywhere, thanks to the water was hitting the sides after falling 30 ft or so from the top.  It all kept splashing in our eyes, so we couldn't see what was above for more than a second at a time, never long enough to get a good look, and of course the camera was not an option.  However, there were hand-rungs, so I am considering returning with a raincoat to see what is at the top.

In the end, there were two side tunnels like this (the 2nd one ended only 100 feet from the start) and the main tunnel finally ended essentially the same way, although it wasn't as "splashy" and lacked hand-rungs.  I'm hoping that at least the first of these we encountered might lead somewhere interesting.  For that matter, there was another, smaller side tunnel near the start of this tunnel that looked interesting but was also splattering too much to get a better look.  I guess I'll have to update my gear list!

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