Late-night Drop-off

I went exploring Friday night.  We took an inflatable kayak and a couple of rafts up a tunnel from the Trinity river in Dallas up half a mile to a big drop-off.  It's like a giant concrete water slide.  We climbed up it, which I hadn't done the last time I was in there a couple years ago.  We figured the water would be too deep there, but we didn't think to check last time; we just doubled back.  It was a fun trip.  We saw a gar fish before we went into the tunnel, then a lot of large fish in the tunnel closer to the end where the drop-off was.  A couple of them ran into the kayak, which you could totally feel since the bottom is only an inch or so thick.  Weird stuff.  I didn't get home until three.

Yesterday (Sat) Dani and I went around Dallas.  We hit this sushi (and everything else) buffet.  It was expensive, but really good.  I tried all sorts of things.  There were types of fish I had never had before.  I honestly thought I was going to eat so much I would get sick, but I paced myself and didn't go overboard.

Dani and I went out to the Trinity to see if we could spot any more fish in the same area by the tunnel entrance (or exit, depending on which way you're heading).  We didn't see any gar right up close, but there were plenty of big fish in there jumping and such.  On the way to the river we passed through the same area that the guys and I did the night before in the dark.  It turned out we passed several encampments of homeless people without ever knowing that.  They didn't make a sound, and they were in among the trees, so we never came across any, but they were within a few feet of us in several places.

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