Downtown Fort Worth Water Garden
Right in downtown Fort Worth is a largely neglected and virtually unknown water garden.  It's right next to the old and new courthouses and is on the corner of Main Street, yet it is somehow a secret to most denizens... except the homeless ones.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a lot of shots of the best areas at this spot.  This was the third site we visited on this day, so the batteries in my digi-cam were almost completely dead and Dani only had a few shots left in hers (we brought both).

In the back- ground Dani is sitting right near the edge of the park.  Little channels carry the water all through the garden and make a few interesting displays. 

We were surprised to find that the water was on at all (that's why we stopped here, actually!), since it was dried up and all nasty last time we were here.

This overlook is part of the trail, although there are some interesting sections (not photographed) where you can make your way through the woods down to the river.

And after this we jumped over the railing and plunged to our deaths.

The view is pretty good from here and, yes, we looked into exploring the power plant across the river.

Update: The two smokestacks at the plant and the structure just to the right of the tower on the left were all demolished in 9/2005.

A little further to the right you would be able to see the Swift ruins.

Some more of the water channels that run throughout the park.

Dani by one of the later sections on the water's path.

More homeless guys further up the street.  A couple of them were leaving the area before we pulled up.  They went on to meet up with three more of their buddies in the park across the way.

Last time we were here we ran across some backpacks, but didn't see any "wildlife" per se.

Alexplored 12/22/03 on a chilly Sunday morning.

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