The Waste Water Plant, Third Expedition, Part III
Continuing where we left off...

This is another area I'd never been through.  We took a different route this time and ended up here at the edge of some neatness I'd only seen on Google Earth shots.

Cool pit that goes absolutely nowhere.  Tease.

Frog on a stick in the pool.  No, I didn't think to bring the zoom lens...

...but here's the wide shot.

Dog(?) skull we found in the bushes.  This place is rough on canines, I swear.  (You saw the first gallery from here, right?)

A bridge out over the froggie pool.  Actually, this houses machinery to churn the soup below.  Not that it has been run in a few decades.

Another froggie.

...and then he was gone.

We passed through another pump house to get to...

Here's another dead dog skeleton.  I showed this one off before.

Unfortunately, Dev and I got stupid and hung out in the sun for about an hour.  By the time it started setting (which didn't take long), we ended up going through almost-dark woods without a light.  We had a nearly full moon and street lights to help out, but she scraped her leg on some of the thorny vines or something on the way out.

That wasn't all.  It turned out we were covered with chiggers.  I'd had a bite or two in the past, but this time I was covered with 87 (EIGHTY-SEVEN!!!) bites all over my feet and legs.  Dev had a bunch as well, but fortunately she was already on steroids for her shoulder, so she barely noticed it.  Me?  I couldn't even sleep for a couple nights from them itching continuously, and that's without me even scratching them.

Alexplored 6/21/07.
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