The Waste Water Plant, Third Expedition, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

People who throw stones ought to cut themselves like the emo punks they are.

It was kind of seriously wooded here.  We had trouble finding trails, so it was all about going the path of least resistance through the vegetation.

It looks new, but I have no idea what it is.

Any ideas?  No, I don't carry a bolt cutter, and anyway, let's say there's a button inside that launches a nuclear strike.  Do you want me to cut the lock off here and leave it sitting out in the open for any old Bigfoot creature to find?  I didn't think so.


If you're going... to San Francisco...

I'd never actually been here before.  Since we were avoiding overgrown areas, we ended up off the usual path and stumbled upon this...

...just a small pumphouse of some sort.

Dev on the edge of one of the... whatever these things are called.  I forgot.

You know... these.  The roof is caving in, I know.

More giant spiders.  Where's Shatner when you need him?

More hazardous waste.  Where's the Toxic Avenger when you need him?

This is a good way to get eaten alive by chiggers.  Seriously.

Remember the big one of these that was open?  There was a lot more water in it this time around thanks to all the rain that kept us from exploring for the last six months.

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