The Waste Water Plant, Third Expedition
After attempting to explore a couple other spots this day and having no luck getting to them (for various reasons), I decided to take Dev to an old favorite.

No, I didn't knock down the fence.  Apparently someone found it too much trouble to just slip through the hole in it that had probably been there for years.

We made our way over to an access point into the real (i.e., active) sewer line.  I'm not sure if this connects to or originally was a part of the older system that the abandoned treatment plant took care of.

Those are concrete bars.  Really thick ones.  There used to be an entrance near here, but the city finally sealed it shut, which is something I have mixed feelings about.  I mean, I am willing to pay my taxes to cover the liability lawsuits of the families of those stupid enough to earn themselves Darwin Awards like this.  Why take away an opportunity to chlorinate the gene pool while doing the same to waste water?

Here's a view through the bars (with a hose in the way for some reason).  I'm guessing it's about 20' down.

Thankfully, the smell was minimal, which is a surprise considering how warm the weather was.  I was out here on a relatively cool day once, and we could smell this spot from several hundred feet away.

Hazardous waste barrels.  That's nice that they cleaned up whatever it was they cleaned up, but, um... they're in black metal barrels sitting in the Texas sun and rain and whatever else hits.  This is clean-up #2 waiting to happen, only probably more concentrated and a cocktail of several things all at once.

Into the woods.  Dev is making her way downhill toward the corner of the plant (which is mostly obscured by the trees).

The white things?  Tampon applicators.  Not Dev's, obviously. (Duh, she's wearing white shorts.)

I'm at the center of the frame, most of the way up the gravity pump tower (see earlier expeditions for explanations how this works).  I couldn't talk Dev into climbing up here, though she'd happily follow me into the woods.  Okay, makes sense, right?

Gigantic freaking spider at the top of the tower.  I'm trying to get my hand next to it for a frame of reference, but I didn't want to loose a finger to a hungry gigantic freaking spider.

The abdomen alone was about the size of distal phalanx section of my pinky.  If you're a chick, assume the same but for your ring finger maybe.

I though I'd found a unique specimen, but the woods were full of these guys.  No kidding, we must have seen several dozen of them just trying not to run into their webs.

Here's a look down inside the tower in case you haven't seen any of the other galleries.

The strainer.

Underneath the strainer where the action takes place (or did many years ago).

Holey rusted metal, Batman!

Okay, who threw a barrel in here?  That last day at the plant must have been one hell of a party!

Because it's more fun than walking alongside it where there's no chance of falling into a vat of 50+ year-old sewage.

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