The Waste Water Plant, Part III
Continuing where we left off...

These open tanks may have been for the final stage chlorination of liquid waste, although I didn't see any mechanisms to serve that purpose.

The ducks enjoyed them in any case.

A modern use of the area seems to be for storing waste such as these barrels of soil contaminated with PCBs among other unpleasant things.

This plant seemed to be a good place for dogs to die.  Here's yet another decayed carcass we found.  And that isn't the last of them.

Inside another portion of the complex.

Apparently Motley Crue played here.

Next we ended up over some more treatment tanks...

...which were pretty deep...

...and didn't offer a way out.  Here's yet another dog who found his way in.


Inside the small structure about four pictures up is your reason to get your tetnus shots updated.

More pictures from a different area in this section.

Yet another old building in the plant.  And overgrown with plants, obviously.

I realize some people are more modest than others, but it would seem like a toilet would be almost redundant in a facility of this kind.

Other side of the building.

On our way out...

There are a lot of things about this place that are more or less buried beneath the debris as nature gradually takes over.  We almost didn't even notice these steps until we were right up on them.

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