The Waste Water Plant, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

This is one of a half dozen of the final clarifiers (There are three along the bottom of the map and three more up the middle; three additional ones are along the bottom as well, but were filled in, so they aren't as obvious).  You can see the top of a second one beyond in this picture.

These get the microbes out so they can be recycled back to the aeration tanks.

A close-up of the bottom portion of the clarifier.  This section is rotated by the motor housed at the top to stir the water.

Another old building.

In another clarifier along here, we saw a group of several stray dogs that had fallen in here at some point and drowned (at least two are visible in this image though I believe the total was five). 

The sides of the clarifier are sheer, and only a short wall was enough to have prevented them from climbing out.

I'm guessing they drowned based on the bloating.  They were being devoured by water insects in any case.  Most of the legs were already gone on this one.

Further along was one of the two solid thickeners (Lower right on map).  These get as much water out of the partially-processed stuff as possible so the system can continue with it.

A view down an old road along here.  Those culverts up ahead were completely obscured by vegetation when I returned here a couple months later.

This is where the solids go to finally be digested by anaerobes.  Of course, lots of air gets in these now since the top has all rotted away.

You can see the four of these along the right side of the map.

Between the first and second (and third and fourth) of the digestion chambers are these pump houses.

There was a lower level in these, but in the first one of them, it was completely filled with water, and I wasn't feeling James Bond enough to dive in to see what was below.

In the second one... was mostly dry.  And kind of boring.  Just some pipes and stuff.  Less than you'd expect even.

Just to give you an idea how deep these things are, that's me at the bottom of one of the digestion tanks that had been busted open (not sure why exactly).

You get some interesting acoustics in here on account of the fact that there's a curved wall across from you, so echoes come back pretty strong.

Another view.

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