Return to the Waste Water Treatment Plant

Dani and my friend Tracy weren't with me the last time I was here, so I brought them along for a quick tour of the place.  This time around the weather had been much warmer over the couple months since the first visit, and the foliage was much thicker and greener than before.  Unfortunately we got a late start, so it was a lot darker this time around.

I know what you're thinking, but Tracy will be the first to tell you that I can't talk her into doing just anything with me.

Up to the top of the tower.  You get a better sense of the scale of it from here as well as the sense that Tracy's very much a follower.

A better look down inside the tower...

...and a look back in at the two who threw me down here.

There's no frame of reference here, but the tunnel leading into the side of the tower is about three feet high and leads to a dead end a short distance ahead (though too far to photograph).

I didn't notice this last time.  Thanks, Dani.  Now someone's toilet just backed up into their tub.

A long-exposure (non-tripod) shot of the pits.  Yep, them's the pits.

Walking over another set of pits.

It was much more overgrown around here than the last time we were here.

For example, one of the pump houses here is almost completely overgrown compared to just a couple months ago when this area was bare.

Alexplored 4/29/06.
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