The Warehouse: 2nd expedition, part II
Continuing where we left off...

This is what the holes from the former elevator looked like on additional floors.  They were usually surrounded by this plastic fence mesh that probably wouldn't have kept a paintballer from plummeting to his death.

Remember this spot from last time?

This time around there was no medication (Lithium) in the basket, just a plastic spoon and a small bottle of make-up.  There were fewer other belongings here as well.

Looking out the window at the old post office across the street.

This was the cozy little living area we found about halfway up the building last time. 

The furniture had been rearranged since then and there were fewer belongings here as well, but there were a pair of crutches (the other one was leaning against the other wall) and a plastic ankle brace.  Hopefully their owner no longer required them.

On some floors, the east side of the building only had a few rooms, but this one had more than most.

Similarly, the layout on this side of the building tended to be different on each floor, presumably because each was operated by different vendors.

This is another spot we revisited.  I compared this to the previous photo and found that little had changed.

The styrofoam containers still had some food in them, but it was all dried up.  I didn't inspect it too closely last time (3 months earlier), but I would have said the food was fresh then.

There is also a piece of fruit just behind the red soda can.  It was there last time as well, but is now dried up.  I wonder what happened?

Here's the old train station.  They're heavily renovating that place (and have been for quite a while), so hopefully the warehouse will get a turn at some point.

And here's a view of downtown.

The autofocus didn't kick in, but this is supposed to show a huge crack in the floor.  This continued in both directions (up and down) for most of the building. 

Thankfully, other than the former elevator shaft, there are few other places to fall through.

And here's the view down the shaft that I promised earlier.

There's a cover over it at the top (i.e., on the roof) that presumably used to house the machinery, but Celeste and I squeezed through the open spaces around the hole and took a look down it.

We did some other roof exploring as well, but nothing not covered last time.

And here's one last picture I took on my way out of the place.  These are graphics on the first floor from the haunted house days.  They're really effective white on black paint that stands out even in very low light.  Especially if you're already kind of creeped out.

Alexplored 6/28/05.
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