The Warehouse: 2nd expedition
Ironically, Ben had showed me this place months ago, but hadn't actually been in it, so he and Celeste took a trip out to FW and gave me a call.  I had plenty of pictures from my last visit, but I wanted some more from a camera with a better flash, and there were some other places in here that we skipped last time.

On the first floor I checked out the bathrooms more closely this time...

...and here's what the floor looked like inside.  There were small rats running around on and under the trash.  There are at least two of them in this pile.

We also saw another rat dart across the floor where we came in on the other side of the room leading to the bathroom.

Back in the "lobby" is this pile of belongings.  There are piles like this all around the room, usually more densely placed than this one.

Surprisingly, once again we didn't run across anyone in the entire building.  However, the day before this, Bean and Geoduck were here and got a vagrant to give them a tour in exchange for a couple of cigarettes. 

(Maybe I should carry a pack next time just in case?)

Down the stairwell, the basement is almost  completely submerged.  At this end of the building, the water is at least 3' deep, though probably more.  However, at the opposite end, it may only be a little over 1' deep.  More about that later.

Here's a look up the elevator shaft from the first floor.

When I was here last time, we didn't go into the first floor beyond the first room.  But this time we took a chance and opened some doors until we found our way into the rest of the building.

Most of the west side (opposite of where we entered) looks a lot like this: wide open "warehouse" space interspersed with columns.  These areas are usually divided up by walls transecting the building.

There was some interesting graffiti in spots as well, though I don't know if this was from the days when this building was a paintball place or what.  There was very little typical "street" graffiti.

Even though we were on the east side of the building, this (still the first) floor actually had a lot of things in it.

This apparently was the hole from an elevator shaft.  It extends upwards to the roof (I'll show you a picture in a minute) and downward to the basement as well.

From here you could see that the water was a little over 1' deep.  There is a loading area around the back of the building that allows you to see into the basement from the outside as well.

Further into the first floor were the remains of the time when this place was used as a haunted house.  There was an abundance of plywood made to look like stone and cut into castle motifs.

This was an odd little area, just weird found and created objects hanging from the ceiling.  Go figure.

We were here.

Note the "Ultimate Paintball" stencil above.

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