Under the Swift Ruins Road
This section is a bit of a misnomer.  Technically, this tunnel runs under the road that borders the Fort Worth stock yards on the side by the Spaghetti Warehouse abandonment.  The funny thing is, this area is so rich with abandonments and tunnels, that we literally drove on top of this tunnel perhaps dozens of times without ever knowing of its existence.  I discovered the entrance to this tunnel the day Dani and I passed through here to visit the Spaghetti Warehouse basement with a flashlight (finally!) and also took a few more shots of the exteriors of the Swift ruins.

The entrance is already terrifically huge...

...But then the tunnel splits into a pair of equally-sized parallel tunnels just ahead.  (You just barely see the face of the division in the middle of the pic.)

What is this stuff?  No, seriously!  This fungus(?) used to grow in the drains when I was a kid.  Curiously, this is completely out of the light at this point midway through the tunnel.  More photons hit this spot in the moment of the flash than in the preceding month.

Throughout the tunnels are rungs leading up to manhole covers, presumably by the sides of the roads (either side), although we didn't check them out.

Uh, oh!  This was a scary sight.  These tracks were relatively fresh and they were NOT made by us!  Fortunately, they were heading in the direction we came from.  Just the same, we slipped a little deeper into "stealth  mode" and really starting keeping our ears open.

More about who likely left these prints on the next page.

Ah, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. 

Wouldn't this be cool to do on bikes?!

And here's the view outside.  There's a sizable hill up on either side.  On the edges are high fences with barbed wire and signs facing outward.  At this point we figured we had really stepped into X-Files territory, that this was part of a government facility...

...but this is all the signs said.  Funny how we started out on the wrong side of them!

This pic was taken further upstream (opposite side of the bridge as in the previous pic).  Returning to the original story...

...This is the view looking back toward the tunnels.  This ridge is right by the road a little past the NW corner of the stockyards.

GPS coordinates of the spot just beyond the fence (we drove back to get the measurement):
32.78500 N, -97.34401 W

Approximate distance traveled through the tunnel: 0.523 miles (2764 feet)

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