The Tx Steel Plant, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

Here's the back alley behind the building with the exposed stairway.  I think it leads from Beirut to Kosovo.

Unintentional artwork I like to call "Trent Reznor performs Pink Floyd's The Wall."

From the opposite end of the building you can clearly see that we are completely nuts.

The bathrooms had hot and cold running emphysema.

One room had a giant pile of sand up to the rafters that was covered with dust.  How do you fix that?  I mean, what maid is seriously going to do the job right when you ask her to dust your sand collection?

Oddly enough, other rooms were free of the dust.

Upstairs the place already looked kind of gutted.  The ceilings were smashed in (you can see the lights hanging down into the shot), so they dumped the insulation all over the floor, whcih made it impossible to see where I was stepping.  I gave up and backtracked to ground with safer footing.
Up ahead was another place that was coming down.  That's a two-story building with its roof touching the ground like the pope does when he gets off the plane.  Only you don't see the former every day.

A view from inside this death trap.  Those are five-gallon buckets if you need a scalar reference.

A look out from a balcony on the second floor.  (The collapsed portion of the roof is out of the frame to the right.)

You couldn't navigate some areas on account of the destruction.  For example, the door was blocked by piles of debris.  However, you could climb through the holes in the wall that caused the bricks to be there in the first place so it all worked out in the end.

Upon learning the place was to be torn down with them inside, the lockers vomited their contents and one of them even fainted.

This office area was virtually untouched as yet, and most of it was cleared out.

A look out of one of the windows upstairs.

While almost everything was cleared out, there were a few things that remained, including a large set of personal photos from a former employee of his wife and kids.  I tracked the guy down based on a little information and a lot of net savvy, but he didn't seem to want them back.  Very strange.  Me, I usually want pictures of everything.  See?

Alexplored 7/24/05.
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