The Tx Steel Plant
I don't know much about the history of this plant.  We just happened upon it while exploring other places nearby, and it was clearly in the process of being dismantled.  There wasn't time to waste before to was gone for good just a few months later.

We missed out on seeing a lot of what all was in this site before stuff were already being torn down and/or removed.  Like this thing.  No idea what the hell it is.

Same for these thingies which you can also see in the foreground of the previous picture.

This place was literally on its way to the scrap pile when we checked it out.  The cranes has stopped at 5pm on Friday, and we discovered the place that weekend.  I'm sure this building was gone the next Monday.  It's a bare lot today.

Here are the cranes outside the place.  Those are the equivalent of giant bolt cutters for tearing out supports in operations like this.

Note: If the Japanese ever find out about these, they're going to install them on robots in their crazy cyber porn to play sadistic versions of titty twisters, so don't tell them about this site, okay?

A view from farther back shows the damage already wrought.

Surprisingly, there were still forms (or molds?) on the shelves in this and a number of other buildings that were ready to be demolished (or already were in progress like this one).

Another area of this section.

Offices with holes busted in their windows.

Piles of debris.  Whether from the industry or the demolition, I'm not sure.

This sort of led off into nothing.  I presume there was more to it at one point, but where the pipe ended in mid-air was where the demolition was the most profound.

Paper was scattered all over here and beyond.  You could literally go to the bathroom anywhere and never worry about what you'd use afterward.

Here's where "sky pipe" (for lack of a better term) ended.  The demolition had already begun, and we lucked out and caught it in sort of a twilight hour between being a boring abandonment and being an empty lot.

Another shot further along.  Those are stairs on the side of (what's left of) the building under the pipe.

Lots of things remained out in the field, however.  I didn't see a method in the madness unless they were seeking to create an environment for an '80s post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie or my ideal music video minus Pat Benatar.

A Jawa's wet dream.

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