The Twin Drive-In
You can still see the billboards of this former drive-in from I-30.  As you might expect, the fields where cars used to park are now largely overgrown.  Just the same, Melancholy and I figured we would check it out.  As it turned out, there were some interesting features after all... in the form of its residents.

Here's the back of one of the two screens.

Here's part of the the bottom of the screen for a better sense of scale.  Note the chair.

Another view down the length of it.

We were somewhat surprised to find well-worn trails in an area that is supposed to be abandoned.

In better weather, this is probably considered pretty good real estate in certain domicile-deficient communities.

However, this was where the real action is.  There were at least two tents here at the end of the trails.  We didn't get too close because it's frankly impossible to sneak through we woods since it's loud as hell.

Update #1: In the early summer of 2007, the entire piece of land was completely cleared of all the wood (though the screens remained*), and a petroleum drill was put on a small portion of the property.  Presumably the former residents were forced to find new places to camp.

*see in the distance behind the drill.

Update #2: A few months later the drill came down, but so, finally, did the screens.  They're dismantling one of the signs here.  It wasn't even worth pulling over the car to get this shot.

Alexplored 1/28/06.  Updated 7/16/07 and 11/1/07.
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