Along the Trinity
After the success we had in finding Beaver Tunnel and the stream that leads to Crater Tunnel, Dani and I decided to explore the Trinity River near downtown Fort Worth.  Looking at a map, you can see that the river runs around the circumference of the city, so it is the most logical place for drainage systems to empty into... at least that's the assumption we were operating under.  Since we already had the canoe for the weekend, we put it to use here as well.

The small canal that the erroneously named Beaver tunnel empties into seemed like a nice starting point for our journey out onto the river... were it not for that pipe up ahead.

However, that pipe apparently keeps some fish more or less "fenced in" to grow to considerable size.  For example, there are a couple koi in this image, a white one and a less visible orange one in the middle of the frame.  These were nearly a foot in length and would probably be delicious with lemon and butter!

We also saw another huge bottom feeding (cat?)fish, numerous turtles, and even one of the nutria, although I never have my camera handy when they present themselves!

Here's a nice view of downtown, including the new Radio Shack/Tandy center still in progress (foreground; another building is being renovated further back).

Here is more of the RS building, but more interestingly, some vagrant has stashed his belongings beneath this foot bridge.  This spot is pretty much out of sight to anyone except goofballs in a canoe, so I guess this is a good hiding place.

This is another very nice view of downtown.  You can see the clock tower of the old courthouse poking through the trees. 

The forgotten water gardens are in the trees to the left of the tower, and the "look-out" we visited last time is visible as a little white speck among the foliage.

Finally we reached a good place to make a decision.

Here's a view from the other side of the falls (we docked and took a break).  For scale, that's a huge bail of hay on the upstream side of the falls.  This is not the kind of place to take a canoe over.  Now, a kayak?  Maybe next time....

There's my city/country girl!

We thought about taking the canoe back in the river past the falls at this point, but we had to have the canoe back to its owner within another couple hours, so we figured it would be best to turn back.

But there will be more exploring to come yet, never fear!

If you are interested in renting a canoe at very reasonable rates, try our guy at Double "M" Canoes.

Update: Since this canoe trip, we ended up biking maybe ten miles worth of the urbanized areas along the river.  This resulted in a number of interesting finds although at the time of this writing, the only tunnel we have actually explored the whole way through was Jabba's Lair.
Alexplored 5/31/04.

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